First Time on a Balloon Flight?

Find answers about your balloon flight with Cappadocia Voyager Balloons. To make your adventure more enjoyable, these balloon ride FAQ’s explain what you can expect before, during, and after your balloon ride with Cappadocia Voyager Balloons.

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Warmer air rises in cooler air. This is because hot air is lighter than cool air as it has less mass per unit of volume. Mass can be defined by the measure of how much matter something contains. The actual balloon (referred to as the envelope) has to be so large as it takes such a large amount of heated air to lift it off the ground.

By heating the air inside the balloon with the burner, it becomes lighter than the cooler air on the outside, causing the balloon to float upwards. To land, the air inside is allowed to cool meaning the balloon slowly begins to descend. An altimeter (to measure altitude), a rate-of-climb meter, and an envelope temperature gauge are the only instruments used in the balloon. Amazingly, the pilot can control the altitude of the balloon within a matter of a few feet !

If the pilot wants to move in a particular direction they simply ascend and descend to the appropriate level and ride with the wind. This is however limited to the variation in wind direction on the flight day.

The envelope is made of reinforced nylon fabric called as hyperlast. It is very light (1.3 ounces per square yard) but very strong (125 pounds per square inch). The envelope is treated with a polyurethane coating to make it more airtight and to help the fabric withstand the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The pilot and passengers ride in a basket that is made of woven wicker, which is both strong and flexible. The basket is connected to the envelope by stainless steel suspension cables.

Before Your Balloon Flight

There are 3 different type of flights available in our company. Ask for 2020 Special Rates

You can use our link Book Now or call us from +90 532 347 1514 to make your reservation. We highly recommend you to make your reservation before you arrive to Cappadocia. The balloon flights are limited in Cappadocia by Turkish Civil Aviation and its better to book in advance.

If you decide to cancel your flight, you can do so without any cancelation fee upto 1 week prior to the flight day. However, all cancelations made in less than 1 week to the flight day will cause the deposit payment and 48 hours to the flight day will cause 100% penalty charge on your credit card.

If the flight cancelled because of weather conditions, we do not charge any amount from our clients.

We schedule flights early in the morning, seven days a week, year-round. Our each flight is custom tailored to the weather conditions of the day by our experienced pilots.

Hot air balloons are completely dependant on the wind. In other words we do exactly what the wind does. As the sun heats the earth the air begins to boil just like a pot of water. Early morning air is best for your safety. The first hour of light in the morning is the safest time of the day.

To fly in a balloon you must be at least 6 years of age, and we ask that our younger passengers (under 16 years of age) are accompanied by a responsible adult of 18 years or over. Passengers should be at least 4’6″ tall, so they can see over the edge of the basket and are able to adopt the landing position. There is no upper age limit.
Relax. Hot air ballooning is an extremely safe activity. We are commercially insured for flight, ground transportation, and chase crew operations. Our balloons are fuly insured by Euroko and fully covered al our operation at international standard. Voyager Balloon Flights is insured for third party and passenger liability. Experienced and friendly pilots who practice wise weather ballooning, and a fleet of modern hot air balloons that pass FAA inspections.
There are two morning flights allowed by Turkish Civil Aviation in Cappadocia. The first flight just takes off before sunrise and the second flight takes of after sunrise.
Yes we call that a private balloon. Our balloons come in several sizes. We will use the sizes or combination of sizes that best suits the number of people who are scheduled for that day. Please check our Exclusive Flights
Wear something warm as it will probably be cold when we start out. It might be a good idea to bring a hat of some kind as the heat from the burner flame can sometimes be quite noticeable. Also, you will need a pair of good, sturdy shoes.
Yes, we pick you from the hotel you are staying in Cappadocia.
Yes, we offer open-buffet breakfast in our restaurant before the flight. Unlike other balloon companies, we provide our guests with an in-dooor restaurant that is not dusty, warm, and equipped with indoor bathrooms.
We have about 18 different launch and landing sites in Capadocia. Each day is different. What launch and landing sites we will use on any day is determined by the speed and direction of the wind that day. Today’s launch site might be tomorrows landing site or we might not go back to that site for week.

During Your Balloon Flight

About an hour on our Standard and Comfort Flights and one and a half hours on Deluxe and Exclusive Flights, depending on prevailing weather conditions and suitability of landing sites, but you should allow at least three hours for the whole experience.
The balloons will fly from ground level to a three thousand feet above ground level, depending on wind direction and speed. The max. altitude is 6000 feet and its is limited by Turkish Civil Aviation for the balloons in Cappadocia.
Actually you will be WARMER in the balloon. HOT air balloons (note the clue HOT) float with the wind so there is no wind chill. Generally in the morning as we climb the air actually gets warmer by a few degree.
When the burner is off, it is extremely quiet. Quiet is one of the most enjoyable aspects of ballooning.
The basket does not sway since it moves with the wind. No need to worry about motion sickness.
We will go as far as the wind will take us. Remember balloons float with the wind. We have seen days where we flew for one hour and 15 minutes and went one mile! We have also seen days where we flew for 45 minutes and went 27 miles.


Our balloons range from a pilot plus two passenger up to pilot plus 24 passengers at most. On a standard flight you will be joining a group of other people. All our hot air balloon baskets have foot-holes to help you climb in and out, but if you feel you may need a little more assistance, our crew members will happily help. Our hot air balloon baskets are divided into compartments for your safety, and larger balloon baskets are sectioned into four passenger compartments with lots of room in each.

Open Basket
Pilot plus 2 passengers

Single T Basket
Pilot plus 12 passengers

Double T Basket
Pilot plus 16 passengers

Double T Basket
Pilot plus 20 passengers

Double T basket
Pilot plus 24 passengers

There are 2 main types of basket, Open and T-partition. Open is obviously an open space where the passengers, pilot and fuel are all housed in the basket in just 1 compartment and T-partition is where the basket is split into sections so the passengers can be separated from the pilot and canisters.

After Your Balloon Flight

A balloon flight is dependent on wind speed and direction. Every flight is different and our landing sites vary.
Our chase crew are Cappadocia Voyager Balloons employees who follow the balloon via radio contact with the pilot throughout the balloon flight. They also meet you at landing, pack up the balloon and return you to your hotel at Cappadocia.
After landing, enjoy a celebratory champagne toast and tasty snacks to end your safe and memorable hot air balloon adventure.
The chase crew will follow the balloon while you’re flying and meet at the landing site. After the celebration of landing, the passengers will board our minibuses and head back to their hotels.
Like any other service provider, a gratuity is always appreciated. Like the saying goes “if you like the ride, tip your guide!”

“Once in a lifetime flying adventure”