You’re a VIP, don’t you know! We think all of our customers are great, so everyone receives the same First Class Voyager service and an equally exciting experience, whenever and wherever they fly with us.

Experience Talks

Richard Quest’s Hot Air Balloon Experience with Voyager Balloons

Richard Quest at Voyager Balloons

Richard Quest

with Voyager Balloons

over Cappadocia

Standard Flights

20 persons

In our standard flights we use 20 passenger hot air balloons. Each compartment is for 5 people and our flight is 60 minutes.

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Comfort Flights

16 persons

In our comfort flights we use 16 passenger hot air balloons. Each compartment is for 4 people and our flight is 75 minutes.

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Exclusive Flights


Totally private for couples and families who wants to fly private. Flight is 90 minutes and available with different size baskets.

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290Per Person
  • 20 People
  • 4 Passenger Compartments
  • 5 passenger in each compartment
  • 60 minutes flight
  • 250.000 SDR per passenger
  • Cash discount available


360Per Person
  • 16 People
  • 4 Passenger Compartments
  • 4 passenger in each compartment
  • 75 minutes flight
  • 250.000 SDR per passenger
  • Cash discount available


6400Per Basket
  • 4 People
  • 4 Passenger Compartments
  • 2 passenger in each compartment
  • 90 minutes flight
  • 250.000 SDR per passenger
  • Cash discount available


All our balloons and equipment are manufactured in 2013, 2015 and 2019. Our balloons and baskets are manufactured by the renowned Spanish Company UltraMagic.


Our balloon baskets have better and improved designs to give you more security and comfort during flights.

Take-off Sites

Our company policy is solely based on your safety and providing the best flight possible. Duration of a flight is determined by the flight type you take. To offer the best possible flight and the experience, we choose a take-off site for the day’s flight according to the direction and the strength of the wind.


Voyager Balloons’ balloon pilots are FAA certified and have over 100 years experience combined ! Our hot air balloon pilots have flown over 12,000 hours carrying more than 200,000 Voyager Balloons passengers .


The team leader is M. Halis Aydogan who has been ballooning in Cappadocia since 1998. He is one of our distinguished pilots. Among the foreign languages, spoken by our team members are English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish.


Our goal is to offer premium Hot Air Balloon Flights. We fly throughout Cappadocia and our personal touch and professional experience will make your flight an unforgettable one.


  • We are proud to maintain the best safety record in 18 years of flying over Cappadocia.
  • We fly the newest, spacious, and well-maintained balloon equipment in the area.
  • We carry the fewest passengers per balloon, ensuring a comfortable flight experience.
  • Majority of our flights follow a more scenic flight plan and our flight time is longer than any other operators in the area.
  • Before your flight, you have an open buffet – fully catered breakfast in our restaurant. We have a proper indoor place to enjoy early breakfast.
  • Our ground transportation vehicles are in current and full compliance with the Public Utilities Commission, Department of Motor Vehicles. Our balloons are also in full compliance with Turkish Civil Aviation requirements for safe operation.
  • A personalized flight certificate is presented to each passenger.
  • Honest and professional service.
  • No false statements; hidden costs; extra fees, taxes or charges.
  • If flight is cancelled due to weather, no  cost for you of any kind.

Explore! You will love it.

Voyager Balloons flies commercially insured and commercially rated FAA certified pilots with over 18 years of balloon flight experience, accompanied by a competent, experienced, fun loving ground crew and 12 new brand hot air balloons.

The Only Star Diamond Award Winner

Hot Air Balloon Company in the World

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences

The American Academy of Hospitalty Sciences unanimously agree that this organization consistently maintains the overall standarts of high quality and superb performance necessary to designate it as one of the Finest in its Category and Classification.

  • The award winning Voyager Balloons has been flying hot air balloons over the Cappadocia for over 18 years. We have FAA certified pilots and aircraft, a professional staff and an outstanding safety record with 30 thousands of satisfied adventurers, experiencing the pleasure of hot air ballooning with Voyager Balloons, every year.

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Flight Program

Our company policy is solely based on your safety and providing the best flight possible.


We use our indoor restaurant. We offer filtered coffee, tea and croissant before we go to the take-off area.

Inflation & Take Off

After the breakfast we transfer you to our take-off area. Inflation takes about 20 minutes. One of the life’s most fascinating sights is the set-up and inflation of a hot air balloon. Once the balloon is ready, the passengers receive their call and the adventure begins with the pilot briefing.

The Flight

The sensation of ballooning is very gentle and its calming effect seems to put the world below into perspective. Rock formations and world-famous fairychimneys drift into view, giving you an unmatched feeling of being above it all.


We celebrate the landing with champagne and we give you a flight certificate as the memory of the day.

Explore! You will love it.

Voyager Balloons provides ballooning excursions par excellence over the most scenic valleys of Cappadocia. We limit reservations to allow personalized attention, a single magnificent flight per morning with each balloon, and quality instead of volume.

First Time on a Balloon Flight?

Find answers about your balloon flight with Cappadocia Voyager Balloons. To make your adventure more enjoyable, these balloon ride FAQ‘s explain what you can expect before, during, and after your balloon ride with Cappadocia Voyager Balloons.

How do I make reservation?

You can use our link Book Now or call us from +90 532 347 1514 to make your reservation. We highly recommend you to make your reservation before you arrive to Cappadocia. The balloon flights are limited in Cappadocia by Turkish Civil Aviation and its better to book in advance.

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